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Director's Message

We strongly believe that cognitive maturation of child occurs in different domains of knowledge.Each child is equipped with the acquisition of the ability to think abstractly and draw conclusion from the information available.

Our endeavour is to extend this ability to develop significant,formal,reasoning,social and personal identity in them so that they become well informed,caring and responsible members of the society.To make our institute { Om Sai Computer Centre } a blissful place,we focus on stress free learning evironment. We organize interactive discussions to help students to learn and apply concepts in different contexts and develop critical thinking. Our efforts are diverted to provide effective new technology and the environment to the students to enhance their different skills. We start our day with morning-prayer and meditaion which create serene atmosphere for the students and the teachers to remain focused and vibrant throughout the day.We believe in blending students with activities imparting holistic education.As we deal with young minds, we are filled with the hope that we will bring about a change in attitude and shall fulfill our responsibility of delivering to each home the message of freedom and prosperity of life and light. With clear vision and steady steps we shall march forward. Each member of the staff is playing an active role in nurturing creativity including a scientific temperament among the students and preparing them to be able to become global leaders of tommorrow.

Sanjay Kumar Maurya
Om Sai Computer Centre, Mirzapur